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70's Sweet Shop


For this personal project I chose a setting and a time period: a confectionery store in the year 1970. I really wanted to learn more about pre-decimal currency and also design something vibrant and fun!


The design that kickstarted this project was the Big Dipper lollipop packaging. Drawing inspiration from the era's fascination with space exploration - spurred by the intense space race of the preceding decade, I decided to infuse the design with cosmic elements. It's name 'Big Dipper' derives from a star constellation, and I illustrated the lollipop itself to resemble a planet framed with swirls and stars.

All the designs were heavily inspired by design trends at the time, and I made sure to incorporate popular contemporary fonts. As with most graphic prop projects, the key is in the details! With these packaging designs I made up details such as confectionery brands, prices, product weights and ingredient lists.


Watch this space for more designs to be added to this project - I'm currently working on price tags, jar labels and a shop sign!

Big Dipper.png
Lemon Jokers.png
Sugar Petals.png
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