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Mythical Creature Posters


These posters were conceived as part of a university project in which I envisioned mythological and paranormal creatures in fresh contexts and time frames, all designed to convey a sense of danger. In each artwork, I aimed to incorporate lore specific to the featured creature, such as the deadly allure of a siren's song to sailors or the vampires' need for an invitation to enter homes.

The designs encompass various historical eras: the siren poster draws inspiration from 1940s war posters, the vampire poster is reminiscent of posters from the second Red Scare in the 20th Century, and the zombie leaflet is a direct parody of the "Protect and Survive" booklet distributed in Britain during the 1970s Cold War era.

Sailor Beware.png
Zombies index.png
Preparing for survival.png
Protect and attack.png
Identifying the infected.png
In case of infection.png
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