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Branding: Club Candid


This was a personal project where I designed a logo and branding for a made-up mini golf company. I wanted the branding to convey joy, vibrancy, and a sense of lightheartedness that perfectly aligns with the nature of mini golf. I also aimed to tackle the design with a subtle retro approach, harking back to the 80s aesthetics of bold and colourful typefaces. I also took the initiative to modify the letterforms 'b' and 'd' to 

mirror the contours of golf clubs, adding an extra layer of thematic cohesion to the typography. This subtle yet clever adaptation not only reinforces the connection to the sport but also infuses a touch of playfulness into the text itself. In the end, I generated a variety of outcomes, each exploring different facets of the brand's personality while staying true to the overarching theme.

Logo Final-01.png
club candid logo darker.png
Logo sheet-01.png
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