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Regency Era Graphic Props


In an effort to explore the design styles through different centuries, I created this series of graphic props to focus on the Regency Era in the 18th century.


I based these props off a narrative I created for the purpose of this project. It focuses on two characters: Lady Charlotte Fitzgerald, a hopeless romantic who is stuck in an arranged marriage Viscount Henry Badeaux, an esteemed member of the nobility but whose ego overshadows even that of his social standing.

The graphic props I chose to create include an invitation to a masquerade ball celebrating the engagement of Charlotte and Henry, as well as two tarot cards that represent each character.

During my research of this period, I found that tarot card readings were popular across Europe - especially at prestigious events like masquerade balls.

These particular cards for this project mysteriously represent the engaged couple. Henry is aptly portrayed as 'The Lovers,' where he holds up a mirror to himself, a vivid representation of his pronounced narcissistic character. On the other hand, Charlotte assumes the persona of 'The Fool,' holding a delicate rose in her hand, representing her idealistic tendencies. This subtle inclusion of the rose pays homage to Pamela Colman Smith's iconic tarot card designs, wherein 'The Fool' traditionally cradles a white rose as a symbol of purity and innocence.

Masquerade Ball Invite
The Lovers
The Lovers
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